Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In which Tim considers new careers...

I mentioned in a recent entry that during the Thanksgiving party I performed a song on stage. It was fun. And it hasn't been the end of my musical displays.

A friend of mine was recently playing his guitar, singing Dominican folk songs, and asked me if I wanted to sing something in English. I provided my best rendition of "country roads, take me home." He loved it, and tried to keep up on guitar.

Lately I've been singing a lot of Christmas carols. Little kids like to try to copy me when I sing. "Hark the herald angels sing" and "O come Emmanuel" are a little tricky for them, but they are catching onto "Jingle Bells" pretty quickly. Last night I found myself surrounded by about twenty teenagers in the park, asking me to regale them with song, so I did. They were quiet as I sang, and then clapped and cheered as I finished.

Who knows? Maybe with the economy being the way it is, I should investigate a career in the fine arts. Any thoughts?

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