Thursday, January 8, 2009

In which Tim takes a little trip...

I stayed in my community from Thanksgiving to New Years, so by the first week of January my feet were getting a little bit itchy.  I wanted to explore some parts of the country that I'd not seen yet, visit some friends, and maybe have some adventures.  I packed a bag with a toothbrush, a book, my laptop, a few extra shirts and pairs of underwear, and naturally my swimsuit, and I hit the road.

We started off in a beach town not far from my community, which is the only place in the world where one can find the semi-precious stone known as Larimar.  We found some tumble down shacks that were furnished with saggy beds, and were able to rent them out for $5/night each.  Not bad for being able sleep with the sound of the waves in my ears, and wake up to the sun rising over the Caribbean.

That morning we got up around seven to backtrack down the coast to another beach where we could have breakfast and go for an early swim.  We ate deep fried balls of mashed yucca.  The water was great.

Most of that day was spent navigating public transportation to get to our friend Claire's community (where none of us had been before).  We rode about three buses, a pick up truck, and a few motorcycles.  Before we knew it we were at a cock fighting ring deep in the mountains, where we spent the evening dancing our feet off with the locals.  Nothing too out of the ordinary...

The next morning we played a few rounds of dominoes with the villagers, and hopped another pick up truck to get back into the capital.  Upon getting here we learned that two out of the four of us (myself included) had eaten something we shouldn't have, and now had a case of what we sometimes call "the mud butts".  I suspect the chicken feet I ate the night before.

So here I sit in the capital, getting some work done and visiting the bathroom frequently.  Feel free to get in touch!

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Joyce said...

wow... sounds really great, except for the case of the great 'mud butts'. really good catching up with you!!

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