Sunday, August 17, 2008

In which Tim meets Fay...

New Peace Corps Volunteers, much like young children, experience many milestones. From learning to communicate well in the language, to moving into our own houses, or running our first meeting, our lives are full of memorable firsts. I experienced a notable first just the other day. If you watch the news, you may know that a lovely little cloud by the name of Fay is ripping her way across the Caribbean. She happened to be right on top of us when her designation was changed from "tropical depression" to "tropical storm." I mean RIGHT on top. Like if you looked at a radar map, you would not have seen my island through the clouds.

Fortunately I am in the capital right now, where I am able to hear weather reports and do basic things (like buying food) without climbing mountains or crossing rivers. I was completely safe (except for the moment when I needed to cross a street that had turned into a rushing river, but my back-woods skills served me well. I live to ford more streams or streets.). There was a heck of a lot of rain, and the electricity was less reliable than normal for about 24 hours. I saw some downed trees, but no damage to speak of.

I am not sure what the situation is like in my town. I am going back tomorrow morning. I tried calling some friends in the area, but it seems that our one cell phone tower is having problems (maybe related to the storm). I imagine I will return home to find a lot of mud, and the road in crummier shape than usual. It was not that bad a storm, but my community is not well prepared for any kind of super-heavy rainfall. I am praying that we don't get hit by any major storms before some things can be changed.

Only a few more months of hurricane season left...

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