Sunday, June 21, 2009

Regarding my journey...

I am currently in Massachusetts. Yesterday I was in Vermont. Tomorrow I will be in New Hampshire. I landed in Michigan about ten days ago, and since then I have...

-Experienced an interrogation regarding swine flu
-Been in nine states
-Delivered my photo slide show three times
-Educated many Americans as to where their coffee comes from
-Met dozens of Kim's relatives
-Prepared fried plantains for said relatives
-Reunited with many of my own relatives
-Witnessed the marriage of my cousin
-Sampled dozens of beverages that I have missed
-Eaten many kinds of food that I have missed
-Gained about four pounds

Longer stories to come. I am short on sleep and time. Perhaps tomorrow.

1 comment:

Christopher Ward said...

There is only one thing I need from the states. It's Brown and has curly hair. Enjoy the trip, but seriously, get back here.

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